Robin van Persie used to perform for Manchester United from 2012 until 2015 and during this period of time, the Dutch attacker lifted the Premier League title and the FA Community Shield.

Robin van Persie and fergie

The time that he spent in Old Trafford wasn’t a very memorable one as the only real impact that Robin van Persie made with the Premier League club was during his first season when he scored 26 goals but everything from there on out started to fall apart for the Dutch player who struggled to score as many goals and replicate his performances of his first season.

The 32 year old forward is currently playing for Fenerbahçe and he has recently voiced out concerning his stay in Manchester United. Even though Robin van Persie only managed to work alongside Sir. Alex Ferguson for 1 season, it was enough for the Dutch forward to uncover a few things about the Scottish coach.

According to Robin van Persie, Sir. Alex Ferguson is someone who routinely got heated up in just about every match of Manchester United even when his squad was winning.

“I played with him for one year but it was a very special year: we won the league! The road to that title was very special. I could tell he’s a really special manager. One little example: When we were 15 points ahead, it was in February or March, we lost against City.

"We could have gone 18 points clear but still we were in a very good position. He was very hard on us, very angry. He made everyone aware that everybody had to give their all. The training was very hard that week, he was almost punishing us. We were 15 points ahead! But that showed me he was a really good manager.” Former Manchester United player Robin van Persie said.

After leaving Manchester United, Robin van Persie went on to join the Turkish side Fenerbahçe but the Dutch attacker has failed to display the performances of a few years ago as he just isn’t the same player that he used to be. His struggling form is evidenced by his goal-scoring record with Fenerbahçe which is fairly poor after only being able to score 9 goals in 24 appearances in the Turkish Superleague.

Whilst some have speculated that his hobby of watching the horse racing (and picking winners according to StanJames) have caused him to struggle for form, there are many factors at play - he's playing in a new league, at a new pace, and without the likes of Rooney, Carrick and Hernandez to help set up the goals for him.