Robin Van Persie has said that he has always found Mario Balotelli a nice guy on and off the field.
Balotelli’s two and half years tenure at Manchester City was full of controversies. The Italian international has recently left City and has joined AC Milan.

The experts and former players often criticize Balotelli for his attitude, but, Persie doesn’t think that Balotelli needs to change his attitude.

Persie was talking to the reporters ahead of Holland’s match against Italy. When he was asked about Balotelli’s attitude, Persie said, “I don’t have any problem with his attitude. He is a nice guy. His behaviour with me has always been good both on and off the field. I know he has had a few controversies in the past, but, it doesn’t mean that he is not a nice guy.”

“When you initially look at Balotelli, you might think that he is not a nice guy. But, when you will spend some time with him, you will find that he is quite nice.”

When asked how he rates Balotelli as a player, Persie said, “He is a fine, young player. He is already a superstar. He has got enormous quality and he would certainly be a threat for us in tomorrow’s match. Hopefully, tomorrow would not be his day and he would not create too many problems for us.”

When asked about the composition of his team in tomorrow’s match against Italy, Persie said, “We will go into tomorrow’s match without some of our experienced players, but, we have got some really good youngsters. Tomorrow’s match will be a good opportunity for those youngsters. Hopefully, they will step up to the challenge and will perform well.”

Italy and Holland have faced each other 17 times before. Out of those 17 matches, Holland has managed to win only three.