Robin Van Persie, the captain of Arsenal, has said that he is not going to re-sign for Arsenal and he wants to leave the club. This statement of Van Persie has surprised a lot of Arsenal fans. Van Persie performed brilliantly for Arsenal in the previous season. He played in 48 matches and scored 37 goals for Arsenal. Out of his 37 goals, 30 were scored in the Premier League. Due to his brilliant performance, he was named as the player of the year.

Van Persie said that he had a meeting with Arsene Wenger (The manager of the club) and Ivan Gazidis (The chief executive of the club). The meeting was about the future of Arsenal. But, unfortunately, there were some differences between his opinion and Wenger’s opinion about how Arsenal should move forward. He said that he respects Arsene Wenger a lot, but, it is not good for the team if the captain and the coach have different opinions about the future of the team. So, he decided to move to some other club.

Van Persie said that playing for Arsenal has been a wonderful experience. He has grown up playing for the club. The fans of Arsenal have always given him immense support and he is thankful to all his supporters. As per van Persie, he always tried to give his 100% for the club. There have been reports that three clubs i.e. Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus are interested in Van Persie. Arsene Wenger wants 30 million pounds for van Persie, but, none of these three clubs are willing to pay that much. Meanwhile, according to some reports, Van Persie wants to join Manchester United, but, he wants to be paid as much as Manchester United’s superstar Wayne Rooney.