A return to the Premier League is not likely for Van Persie

Robin van Persie completed his move from Manchester United to Fenerbahce on July of 2015 as the Dutchman just couldn’t live up to the expectations of Louis van Gaal and he was offloaded to the Turkish club for a transfer fee of around £4 million.

Even though Robin van Persie’s transfer to Fenerbahce was fairly recent, he is already being rumored on making a return to the Premier League as there are club that are considering signing the veteran attacker but this seems to be a little far-fetched taking into consideration the slump that the 32 years old player has been going through in the past few months.

During Van Persie’s first season as a player of Manchester United, the Dutchman scored 26 goals which was an incredible feat as he helped the English club in winning the Premier League title and fans of the club were expecting to see things only getting better.

Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie were envisioned to form an attacking partnership that could propel Manchester United to a number of huge titles but this partnership never truly formed. The next 2 years saw Van Persie taking a major plummet as he only managed to score 22 goals in his 2 remaining seasons at Old Trafford.

The Dutch forward is still struggling to score goals on a consistent basis but this hasn’t stopped the rumors from emerging claiming that there are a number of Premier League clubs which are interested in signing Robin van Persiebut considering the downhill road that his career has been taking, it would be a big risk for any club to take unless they can negotiate him for a low price which seems hard to believe that it can happen considering that it has only been 5 months since Fenerbahce signed van Persie and are expecting to keep hold of him on a long term deal instead of releasing him after such a short period of time of having acquired his services.