Van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata are the primary attacking options that Manchester United has to offer and they certainly have enough quality and talent to go against the very best that they face off in the Premier League but even with the recent addition of Mata to the club, it wasn’t enough for them to get a victory against a club that is located on the middle section of the tables, Stoke City.

David Moyes already has intense pressure building up after each week goes by and the failure to secure points against some particular clubs but things might just be getting tougher for him after reports started emerging claiming that the Dutchman Van Persie is unhappy playing at Old Trafford and could be seeking his way out of Manchester United by the end of the current campaign.

Wayne Rooney and Moyes have had some problems of their own way back when they both worked together in Everton and just as Sir. Alex Ferguson was exiting the club he had coached and directed for over 25 years, the rumors started originating stating that David Moyes was going to follow the legacy of Sir. Alex Ferguson.

This was something that the English striker Wayne Rooney was concerned about and he even stated that if Moyes did arrive to coach Manchester United, the former Everton player claimed that he would leave and even though it never actually happened there still is a sense of pressure and uneasiness between some players and the Scottish coach.

It comes as no surprise the fact that Moyes might not have the best relationship with some of his players after the performers on the pitch have already shown concerns with the training regime implemented by Moyes which have caused many players to be out injured for a significant amount of time.

If indeed the rumors of Van Persie being unhappy at Manchester United are true, it’s going to be yet another big blow for the Premier League club but especially for Moyes who still has a lot to prove.